Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Man lost weight by putting a rock on his head

A Chinese man lost a reported 30 kg (66lbs) by working out with a rock on his head.

Cong Yan, from Jilin, said: "About four years ago I was overweight, I weighed about 115kg. I was suffering since I could not move easily. When I went to the diet centre, they asked me for 10,000 yuan (£1,150, $1,500).

"They said they would use some Chinese traditional plaster for the treatment. I was afraid of the possible side effects, and, to be honest, it was too expensive to me. So I decided to do some exercise. I went to the Northern Mountain, I saw lots of people doing exercise there.

YouTube link.

"But walking didn't make me sweat. That's why I decided to use a rock. At first I just lifted the rock up and down, up and down, but my arms became sore very quickly. I put the rock on my head when I was tired, however, I found it was comfortable doing exercise in this way."

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