Saturday, July 09, 2016

Man rescued from chimney said he was hiding

A man who was rescued from a chimney in Hyde Park, south Los Angeles, early on Thursday morning says he was hiding there to get away from someone who was chasing him, according to police.

Firefighters lowered a rope down the chimney to assist the man who wiggled back up. They then pulled the man, who was covered in soot, from the chimney of a home. The rescue took approximately 25 minutes.

The man said he climbed into the chimney to get away from someone who was chasing him, said Sgt. Plummer with the Los Angeles Police Department. After the rescue, the man shook hands with rescuers.

Full YouTube video link. Additional short Facebook video of the man emerging from the chimney.

He then managed to climb down a ladder on his own. The man was then taken away by LAPD Officers for further investigation, but police later said that no crime had been committed and no arrests were made.

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