Saturday, July 09, 2016

Man's attempt to steal boat thwarted when he forgot to untie it from dock

A Florida man was arrested after police said he attempted to steal a boat, but forgot about untying it from its dock.

Jimmie Shuman, 42, almost got away with the heist outside the waterfront restaurant Sailor’s Return in Stuart when he tried to make off with the 23-foot boat at around 10pm on June 24.

However, while attempting to ride off, Shuman didn’t realise that the boat was still tied to the dock. “The victim stated he saw the defendant on his boat trying to drive it away, but the boat was still tied to the dock at Sailor’s Return,” an affidavit states.

The man whose boat he was trying to take, a retired law enforcement officer, detained Shuman until police arrived. He told police he wished to prosecute Shuman before officers took him to jail. Shuman, of Stuart, was arrested on charges including grand theft of a boat and battery on a law enforcement officer.

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