Monday, July 11, 2016

Tourists requested police assistance after being invaded by 'spiders as big as dinner plates'

On Tuesday evening while on patrol, police in Mareeba, Queensland, Australia, were flagged down near Granite Creek, about 70 kilometres west of Cairns, by some French tourists.

According to them, their campervan had been invaded by spiders the size of dinner plates. However, their description turned out to be an exaggeration. It was only one spider they needed police assistance to remove from their van.

The two female officers kindly informed the holidaymakers that it wasn’t the spider they needed to worry about but the two metre long scrub python that would curl up on their back seat if they left their doors open.

Police say that while they like to help the community where they can, they have suggested that in future travellers and residents invest in a can of insect/spider spray.

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ooonaughtykitty said...

Yet another reason to not visit Australia. YIKES!!