Saturday, July 02, 2016

Two men face several charges following moose riding incident

A year after a video was posted to YouTube showing a man riding a moose, two men from Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada, have been charged under the Wildlife Act.

The video, shot from a motor boat, shows a moose being chased across a shallow body of water, before a man jumps onto the animal and rides it for 15 seconds before falling off. Others on the boat can be heard laughing.

The Conservation Officer Service says that a year long investigation has led to two suspects being charged with three counts, including harassing wildlife, attempting to capture wildlife and hunting big game while the animal is swimming.

YouTube link.

The men were tracked down after the body of water in the video was identified as Tuchodi Lakes near Fort Nelson. The men, who were not named, are due to appear in court in Fort Nelson on Aug. 8.

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Ratz said...

My brain autocompleted it to "Two men injured following moose riding incident". How unexpected and somewhat disappointing.