Friday, July 08, 2016

Woman called 999 to report missing TV remote

Avon and Somerset Police have released audio of a conversation with a woman who called 999 last week to report her missing TV remote. After being asked what the problem was the caller said: "Hello, yes - it's not an emergency. It's just the fact that I've lost my remote control for my TV.

"I know it sounds silly. I'm going to put my TV on and I have troubles with my next door neighbour and I'm worried that they are gonna complain that the sound is too loud." The female police call handler politely responds: "Right, the fact that you've lost your remote control is not a police matter."

The caller retorts, "I haven't lost it," to which the operator replies, "But it's not a police matter at the moment, okay?" But the woman persists, explaining: "I haven't lost it, it's gone." The call handler replies: "It's not a police matter and not something that needs to be reported on 999."

YouTube link.

With a note of panic in her voice, the woman then tells her: "Okay, so I want you to know that if my next door neighbour reports me for having my TV on too loud and you come and knock on my door for having my TV too loud it's not my fault." The call finally ends when the operator concludes: "We can't discuss this on an emergency line, unfortunately." "Okay, I understand that. Okay," the woman responds. The call handler then says, "Alright, thank you," before hanging up.

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