Friday, August 26, 2016

Cattle given glow-in-the dark horns in bid to prevent accidents

Police in India have started pasting radium stickers on the horns of cows hoping that the glow will help drivers avoid hitting stray cattle and evade an accident.

Balaghat police in Madhya Pradesh have stuck the stickers, that glow in the dark, on about 100 cattle-heads over the last five days.

“A lot of accidents were taking place at night involving cattle that were either stationary or had strayed,” said Balaghat additional SP Akash Bhuria.

In-charge of Balaghat traffic police station Kailash Chouhan added: “It’s not easy to attach the stickers because some cows chase the policemen.”


Anonymous said...

Radium stickers? Is this for real, or is it loose talk for phosphorescence?

Radium is not stuff you mess with. And in the amounts needed for a glow like this--seriously.


arbroath said...

I honestly don't know, Lurker111.

Mind you, it is India, where health and safety isn't always top of the agenda.