Monday, August 22, 2016

Doctors removed 40 knives from man's stomach

Doctors at a hospital in India were surprised to discover 40 knives in a man’s stomach recently.

A team of surgeons at the hospital in Amritsar in north western India recovered the knives after he was admitted to the facility with severe stomach pain.

The 42-year-old man, a police officer, revealed that he had been eating the cutlery for the past two months. Dr Jatinder Malhotra, managing director of The Corporate Hospital, said: "Patient's ultrasound revealed a growth in his stomach.

YouTube link. Additional YouTube news video.

"To confirm the diagnosis, an endoscopy was done which showed a few metallic knives inside the stomach. After that a CT Scan of the abdomen was done, which showed multiple knives inside the stomach. In my 20 years of practice, this is the most dreadful surgery I have ever seen or done." Dr Malhotra added that the man was now out of danger.


Ratz said...

Thankfully they didn't go for an MRI!

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