Saturday, August 27, 2016

Firefighters responding to smoking car found burning underpants

Firefighters in Madison, Wisconsin, responding to reports of a smoking Mustang found a pair of burning underpants on the passenger seat. Fire officials said the owner of a grey two-door Ford Mustang says his car was running fine until late July. That’s when major storms hit the Madison area and flooded the lot where it’d been parked.

Water was reportedly up to the door handles, and the car had never run the same ever since. According to firefighters, on Wednesday the car was running poorly again. The driver noted a smoke smell coming from around his right hip, the gear shift area. He drove over to the mechanic once again. Too busy to deal with the issue at the moment, the mechanic parked the car on the street, locked it up, and let it rest there until it could be serviced.

Later on, the mechanic turned his attention to the Mustang, but when he walked up he found it filling with smoke. Madison Police blocked off the street and directed firefighters to the parked Mustang. There were no flames visible from the engine or trunk compartment when firefighters arrived, but smoke continued to fill the interior, confined by locked doors and rolled-up windows. The crew put on their self-contained breathing masks just as the mechanic offered up a key.

One firefighter unlocked the door so another could cool the interior with an attack line. According to firefighters, a pair of burning underpants were found on the passenger seat, producing a small fire the size of a kitchen plate. Turning the attack line toward the seat, firefighters wet the underpants and kept fire damage contained to that area. After all fire was out, the Mustang was returned to the owner.


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