Saturday, August 20, 2016

Man accused of shoplifting alcohol and a pink walrus

The Madison Police Department in Wisconsin arrested a man for stealing items from a grocery store on Wednesday.

Ronald Duell, 59, was arrested and tentatively charged with retail theft, disorderly conduct-trespass and a parole violation.

The incident happened at about 12:15pm at a Copps store. Duell, who was allegedly intoxicated, told security guards he had a gun before fleeing from the store with a bottle of alcohol and a stuffed pink walrus.

"The suspect reached for his waistband and announced 'I'm gonna shoot you both," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. Duell had no gun. He was arrested across the street from the store.

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Anonymous said...

I daresay the poor chap has his metaphors amixed--that's a stuffed pink elephant he should have nicked.