Sunday, August 28, 2016

Residents puzzled by mysterious bags of brown goo

Residents of two neighbourhoods in North Vancouver, Canada, are puzzled about bags of brown 'goo' that have been strewn across their streets. "It's pretty gross," said Brian Gardiner, who kept one of the bags to examine. "It looks like a bad batch of chilli, but doesn't smell a lot." Gardiner says he's seen as many as 15 bags of the mysterious substance in the Blueridge neighbourhood.

He says some were also spotted in the Delbrook area of North Vancouver. "It's a bit odd," said Gardiner. "I don't know if somebody doesn't know how to get rid of this stuff or they're having some fun, I'm not sure. "It's kind of a mystery." Angela Duso with the Blueridge Community Association says she's sure someone is driving in a vehicle and tossing the bags.

"Because it had hit the ground and it had exploded." Duso adds that she's baffled at how animals have reacted to the substance. "There were no wasps or bees surrounding it," said Duso. "Crows were not pecking at it, which normally, if garbage was on the road, crows would peck at it. So that's why it struck me as being really strange." The District of North Vancouver says it is looking into the matter of the mysterious substance.

District councillor Jim Hanson says his staff hasn't been able to determine the contents of the substance, but it's not hazardous. "We're relieved in [hearing] that," said Hanson. Hanson says the district is taking "aggressive steps" to find who is disposing of the substance. He says the offender could face a fine for littering. "I suppose the penalties might [change] a little more once we understand what the nature of the substance is, and what the motive is for disposing of the substance in this way," says Hanson.

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