Saturday, August 27, 2016

Terror pigeons snatched child's bacon sandwich

Pigeons terrorising shoppers have attacked a child and snatched the bacon sandwich she was eating from her hand. The upset mother of the toddler has said she will not return to Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire until the issue with the pigeons has been dealt with.

Now a move has been launched to rid a popular shopping street of the birds. The problems are caused by people feeding the pigeons bits of food, which attracts them back to the spot outside Coopers Square shopping centre in Station Street.

The latest incident is one of many where people eating food in the area have been attacked by the birds. Benches have now been removed in a bid to deter people from sitting and feeding the birds, which, Coopers Square said, causes an 'unhygienic environment'.

Michael McHardy, community enforcement officer at East Staffordshire Borough Council, said: "We are trying to stop people feeding them so are putting up posters urging people not to feed them. It was after a girl had been eating a bacon buttie with her mother. Then a pigeon grabbed hold of her food as she was holding it. Her mother complained to the council and said she would never shop here again."

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Anonymous said...

Where's Tom Lehrer when you need him?

BTW, I'm sure this is some kind of oblique ref. to a political event of the time in which the song was first composed, but I do not know what that was.