Wednesday, September 07, 2016

25-year-old man rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in high chair

A 25-year-old man had to be rescued from a high chair by firefighters.

A crew from Springbourne was called to a flat in Westby Road, Bournemouth, just after 2am on Saturday.

According to a Dorset Fire and Rescue Service spokesman the man had been stuck for about half-an-hour before someone called the fire service. "He was reported as being in a lot of pain in his legs and feet and his extremities.

"An ambulance was called but stood down once he was unstuck and he was able to move his legs and feet again." The crew were able to release the man from the high chair by 2.20am.

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Anonymous said...

Well, that's a news article you don't clip from the paper and send home to Mum.