Monday, September 05, 2016

Car rolled into river after 'hand-sized' spider scared driver

A huge huntsman spider caused a chain reaction which finished with a teenage driver watching helplessly as her car rolled into a river in Australia on Sunday morning.

The 18-year-old woman had driven her Volkswagen to the Bayview Boat Ramp, on Sydney's northern beaches, at about 7am when the arachnid fell from underneath the visor and onto her lap.

The panicked woman applied the handbrake only half way before leaping from the car and doing a "spider dance" in an attempt to rid herself of the spider, witnesses said. But while she was occupied with the creepy crawly her car began slowly rolling into the water.

Witness Stuart Cooper said he feared the worst when he saw the submerged vehicle. "I sort of ran over towards yelling out 'was there anyone in the car' and she goes 'no no no a spider dropped on me'," he said. "She was really upset and shaking and crying." The vehicle quickly sunk and needed to be towed back in by police.

With news video or you can watch it here.


Dunex said...

Completly understandable and should be covered by insurance. Sod spiders

Amy said...

How did it flip over? (Sorry if it's explained in the news video, it won't open on my phone.)

arbroath said...

I'm not sure whether it flipped over just because it was in deep water, or when it was being pulled out, Amy.