Saturday, September 03, 2016

Church told flood damage is not covered by insurance due to it being an 'act of God'

Volunteers are working to clean up a church in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, after floodwaters destroyed a wall, sending water and mud into the basement. Connellsville Church of God sits on a hill, but flooding backed up drains.

The force of the water collapsed an outside wall, sending four feet of water into the fellowship hall. "The devastation on our whole church is unreal. But we serve a good God," the Rev. Nelson Confer said.

The church is insured by Church Mutual Insurance, Confer said. He said he was told by an employee there that the damage would not be covered because it was considered an act of God. A representative for the company said officials had no comment on the issue.

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Volunteers spent Wednesday cleaning up mud and removing destroyed property from the church. Services will held on Sunday in the church's gymnasium since weight can't be put on the sanctuary above the fellowship hall. Confer added that help will be needed with electricity and laying concrete blocks in the near future.

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Ratz said...

Oh this just made my day. I guess god doesn't like you guys.