Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dog saved by vets after swallowing six-inch cow rib bone

A dog has come through emergency surgery after managing to swallow a six-inch cow rib bone. One-year-old Mastiff, Chico, was given the bone as a treat by his owner, Craig Anderson, from Newlands, Glasgow, Scotland.

But the 41-year-old said he was forced to act after Chico "literally swallowed it in one mouthful". Vets at the PDSA's Glasgow Shamrock Street Pet Hospital X-rayed Chico and removed the bone before it could cause any internal damage.

Susie Hermit, senior vet at the PDSA's Glasgow hospital, said: "I've never seen an X-ray like it before. The position of the bone really did look like Chico had an extra rib. Amazingly he'd managed to swallow the bone whole but didn't seem to be in any pain.

"However, we knew we had to carry out emergency surgery to remove it because it could have caused a life-threatening tear to his stomach or intestines." Mr Anderson said Chico had gone on to make a full recovery but bones were now off the menu. "I was so worried while he was in the operating theatre," he said. "It's a miracle the bone didn't cause any damage. It goes without saying but I don't give bones to him anymore after this."

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