Friday, September 16, 2016

Giant runaway moon balloon caused traffic chaos on streets of Chinese city

As typhoon Meranti hit south east China’s Fujian Province on Wednesday afternoon, a giant inflatable moon was blown free of its moorings in provincial capital Fuzhou.

Amateur video caught by motorists and passersby filmed the half-deflated celestial body as it rolled and bounced its way across streets, over cars and pedestrians causing traffic chaos.

It is unclear if anyone was injured or how much damage was caused by the huge runaway moon balloon, a festive decoration for people to have their pictures taken with during China’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

YouTube link. Alternative YouTube link.

Locals called it the "furious moon," saying it spiced up the festival, which was on September 15 this year. According to tradition, Chinese people enjoy family reunions, admire the moon and eat mooncakes to celebrate.

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Ratz said...

Reading this I couldn't help but think of John Maus - Hey Moon

Hey moon.. get off my car.