Friday, September 30, 2016

Man's particularly juicy pork pie sparked airport security alert

A pork pie-loving man caused a minor alert at Manchester Airport when he tried to carry one through security. Seasoned traveller Norman Pearson, 69, thought nothing of it when he packed his super moist pie in his carry-on bag, hoping the tasty treat would tide him over until lunchtime during a flight to Spain. So Mr Pearson, from Wigan, was shocked when security staff at the airport started searching through his bag for prohibited items.

Much to his astonishment Norman, who is meticulous when abiding airport rules regarding liquids, was searched by security staff who believed he had a liquid in his luggage. But airport workers were surprised to find that the offending item was in fact a particularly juicy pork pie found nestled between his holiday clothes. His brother, Roy, said that the juice contained within the pie had shown up on security scanners as a liquid.

He said: “Seeing the funny side of it and not being able to extract the juice from the pie and place into a plastic bag, airport security allowed both Norman and his pie to continue on their way and wished him ‘bon appetit’.” Norman was on his way to Malaga with a friend when the confusing episode unfolded on Monday. Predicting that he may become peckish on the flight, Norman had bought the pie at his local pub Wigan Central the previous night. Roy said Wigan Central should be congratulated for serving the juiciest pork pies in Wigan.

He added: “Norman and pork pies are regular travelling companions but it’s the first time that it has caused an issue with airport security. It certainly tickled me because he’s so precise. He doesn’t even wear a belt so he can get through security fast. He’s mortified if he gets held up so he’d be very surprised to be held up by a pie. The people in security said they have never seen that before. It must have been a very juicy pie. He was allowed to take it through security but I’m not sure if it lasted until he got on the flight.” When walking through airport security in the UK, travellers must place all their liquids into a transparent plastic bag to be scanned separately.


Ratz said...

I was once told I was a security threat as I didn't know what metal objects were in my luggage. Turned out it was a desk calendar (with absolutely no metal in it at all) that the security gnomes had seen on their scanner. Of course I didn't list that as a metal object, because it isn't.

I'd sooner have the odd terrorist then the security theater we've been lumbered with instead. Pillocks.

Gareth said...

The problem seems to be either that the security staff either don't seem to have been trained properly to use their equipment or that they are not smart enough to interpret the output.