Friday, September 30, 2016

Marijuana smoker unhappy after being given six-month bus ban for being too smelly

A man from Bremerton in Kitsap County, Washington, is not happy after being banned from riding on buses for six months because of his smell. Not because of body odour, but because of the overwhelming smell of marijuana. Matthew Little is even banned from standing at bus stops.

According to Kitsap Transit, passengers can be banned for reeking of cat urine, human faeces, bad body odour, among other bad smells. They are warned at least three times. “From time to time, I smell like I just smoked some marijuana probably because I just did," Little admits. Kitsap Transit accused Little of emitting an odour on busses that “unreasonably disturbs others,” and has banned him for six months.

Kitsap Transit say that after at least four documented complaints, they banned Little for “carrying the odour of marijuana on the bus, clothes, on his person,” according to a notice of exclusion sent to Little. They say the smell was so bad, “the driver began to choke and had to cover her nose,” and that Little “chose to ignore repeated warnings that violating our rules of conduct would result in his exclusion.” They also say that Little allegedly verbally abused a bus driver earlier this month. Little claims he never cursed at the driver.

When asked what he thinks he smells like, Little responded: “Ganga or Karl Lagerfeld." Kitsap Transit's 2013 Code of Conduct has no mention of marijuana or its smell at all, even though medical and recreational marijuana is legal. "I think it needs to be revisited," said Little. Kitsap Transit’s spokesman says he’s not aware of any plan to revise the code of conduct at this time. They insist they are ‘not singling out marijuana odour, but when it makes customers or drivers physically ill it's not acceptable.’ Little is appealing the ban.

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