Sunday, September 18, 2016

Motorist and girlfriend hospitalised after she bit his penis when deer jumped in front of their car

A pair of young lovers ended up in hospital after engaging in some sexual activity whilst driving through the Waldviertel in north west Austria and crashing their car.

The woman, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was giving her partner oral sex on a quiet country road not far from Krems when a deer suddenly jumped in front of the car, causing the driver to suddenly brake.

His girlfriend was taken by surprise, and accidentally bit into his penis. The emergency services were surprised to get a call saying that an ambulance was needed because of a “penis bite after a car crash.”

The couple were taken to hospital and the man received some minor surgery. Surgeons told him that the wound was only superficial and that his bitten manhood should soon be back in full working order.

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Anonymous said...

"engaging in some sexual activity whilst driving"

Don't they have rules like driving without due care and attention in Australia? 'Cos I'm pretty sure they would be arrested for that elsewhere!