Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pitta bread found on roof of car

Frome in Somerset has been hit by another shocking food attack.

Pitta bread was found on the roof of a car outside Coral Bookmakers in the Keyford area of Frome on Saturday morning. The bread was left on the car roof nestled next to a plastic fork .

The incident was discovered by Louise Bond as she was taking her daughter to ballet. Ms Bond said: "I was walking along Keyford taking my little one to ballet and I saw the car with the pitta on it and the fork.

"It was Saturday morning when I took the picture so it must have been put there on Friday night I presume." This is not the first instance in which food has been found on the roof of a car in Frome. Chips were seen on a car back in August.


Patty O'Heater said...

Slow news day?

Anonymous said...


First three words that came to mind!


Qualiall said...

our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Frome during these difficult times