Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Stolen 92-year-old parrot returned to family

Bonnie the elderly parrot is back home. Someone turned in the missing 92-year-old parrot to police after she was stolen on Thursday afternoon, according to police in Seagoville, Texas.

Someone took the bright green bird with yellow markings, along with her cage, from the front porch of her home in Seagoville. Bonnie's owner Kathy Gardner was worried sick. "She's been in the family for many, many years," owner Kathy said.

"These three days [with the parrot missing] has been really hard on us." Seagoville Police Chief Ray Calverley said a person dropped off Bonnie at the Balch Springs Police Department. Officers will look at video footage to try and figure out who left the bird.

"I can only imagine how good it feels for the family," Calverley said. "Bonnie has been in this family for generations and I know they're ecstactic to have her back." Kathy said Bonnie talked and sqawked on the way home from the police station. "I'm just thankful that they had it in their heart to do that because she's old and she don't know nobody else but us," Kathy said.

With news video.

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