Saturday, September 03, 2016

Woman breaking wind cut through sombre silence of courtroom

The sombre silence of a courtroom in Grimsby, north east Lincolnshire, was rudely broken when a woman suddenly broke wind very loudly from the public gallery on Thursday morning.

The unexpected interruption to the dignity of the court day proved to be the dubious highlight of an otherwise dull day at Grimsby Magistrates' Court. Because the same woman returned to the courtroom in the afternoon, emergency evasive action was taken by some.

One male observer, originally sitting unknowingly next to the culprit on the front row of the public gallery, was told about what had happened and hastily moved back a row to provide a bit more distance in the event of a second unexpected event.

He also took cover outside the courtroom door later on during proceedings in a wise pre-emptive bid to avoid being in the firing line in the event of an ear-splitting encore. He later suffered the indignity of being blamed by others for being the one responsible for the noise in the first place.

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