Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Woman jumped onto purse snatcher's car in desperate attempt to stop him

A woman decided she wasn’t going to make it easy for her attacker during a robbery at a gas station in Dania Beach, Florida. Surveillance video from the Mobil gas station shows the crook pull up to a pump in a light-coloured Cadillac.

Casually, the man opened the driver’s side door of the car next to him and grabbed a purse from the front seat. It belonged to Janelle Della-Libera, 32, who was pumping gas and immediately chased after him, climbing onto his car in a desperate attempt to stop him.

Spread out on the hood of the man’s car, Janelle was able to reach inside and appears to hit the thief with her wallet. He began to speed up and, seconds later, she tumbled off his car and onto the ground, leaving her with a fractured foot. Janelle’s husband is grateful his wife’s injury wasn’t worse.

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“We’re very proud that she didn’t just back down and be a victim and we’re also very happy she’s doing well,” said Giovani Libera. “This could have been much worse.” But, he says, there’s a lesson here. When you’re at the gas station, lock your doors while you pump and keep your eyes open. “This is happening all over south Florida,” said Libera.

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