Sunday, October 09, 2016

Brain-damaged turtle transported to London for a CT scan

A brain-damaged sea turtle was transported from Yorkshire to London to receive a CT scan. Loggerhead turtle Antiopi suffered a head injury off the coast of Greece before it was moved from a rescue centre to Scarborough 20 years ago.

It was taken from the town's aquarium to the Royal Veterinary College to see the full extent of its injury. Tests found major damage to the hind part of its brain and a lack of sensation on the left side of its body.

Scarborough Sea Life centre said the scan also revealed it was carrying eggs, although Antiopi does not have a mate and they will not be fertile. Lyndsey Crawford, displays supervisor at the aquarium, said it was likely the injury either came from "a collision with a boat or a deliberate blow from an unsympathetic fisherman".

She said: "We drove her down and back again in a specially built transport box and she seemed pretty relaxed the whole time. She's back in the ocean tank swimming around as if nothing has happened." Aquarium chain Sea Life said it was collaborating with the college on a project to see if CT scan can help evaluate the extent of brain or spinal injuries in sea turtles.

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