Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Church statue reunited with missing baby Jesus head - Update

The missing head belonging to a statue of baby Jesus has been returned, and the bright orange clay head that replaced it has been removed.

GĂ©rald Lajeunesse, the priest at ainte-Anne-des-Pins Catholic Church in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, says the head was returned to him on Friday.

The statue had recently been fitted with the temporary clay head, topped with a spiky orange crown, crafted by local artist Heather Wise. Father Lajeunesse said a woman returned the head. The woman said the person who took the head was suffering from personal problems, according to Lajeunesse.

The priest said that he would not file a complaint over the theft, and is simply happy that the head has been returned. Lajeunesse says that for now, the statue will remain headless. Before replacing it, the church needs to figure out how to secure it safely to the statue and prevent it from being stolen again.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not convinced that the original head is that much of an improvement. Maybe my eyes aren't that good any longer?


Anonymous said...

The orange one looks a lot better to me.