Sunday, October 23, 2016

Elderly donkey rescued by firefighters after falling and becoming stranded on kitchen floor

A fire crew from Yeovil, a specialist rescue team from Bridgwater and an officer attended a domestic property in Tintinhull, Somerset, after a rare call reporting that the occupier's donkey had followed her in to the kitchen and then fallen.

The owner, unable to help the donkey up, called her vet who advised her to call the fire service. After liaising with an animal rescue tactical advisor they attended due to the potential risk to the owner and the donkey if he got too distressed.

On arrival crews confirmed the donkey, known as Troy, had fallen on his side in the kitchen and was trapped causing him distress. Crews asked for the vet to be contacted and attend the scene.

Fire crews used salvage sheets and a small length of hose to slide Troy, who is 38-years-old, from the kitchen to a place of safety where once being checked by the vet, he was able to return to his companion, 32-year-old Rosie in the garden.

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