Saturday, October 15, 2016

Errant little lamb given lift home in patrol car after being picked up by police officer

One little pet lamb's big day out ended in a ride home in a patrol car, and an unusual selfie and work story for his rescuer. Constable Matt Davis couldn't resist snapping a picture of himself with Mr Bean the lamb, after he picked up the four-legged fugitive on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Bean was nabbed after a brief stand-off with Davis' patrol car on a country road near Marton, in rural Rangitikei, New Zealand. "I was just doing some rural patrol because we've got some illegal poaching, and there was this lamb stood in the middle of the road, and he didn't move. I nudged toward him with the car, and he moved off to the side a bit, but then I got out and he comes sees me and has a bit of a sniff."

Davis was concerned the lamb would get hit by a car if he was left on the roadside, so he caught him, tucked him under his arm, and bundled him into the back of the patrol car. "He was awesome, he was just running about looking out the windows, looking happy, going 'this is new', and there was no mess which was good." Davis took him to a nearby friend's farm. "They took one look at him and said 'we know him, this is Mr Bean'.

"Apparently he has a bit of a habit of getting out and being a bit naughty." The owner was contacted, came around and "rather sheepishly stuck Mr Bean on her quad bike and took him back home". The precocious lamb hadn't gone too far from home, "but still far enough to get picked up", Davis said. "He's definitely more of a pet, he's so friendly. Very cute. He's got more intelligence about him than most lambs, I quite liked him."

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