Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Firefighters rescued man who got stuck in own home's chimney after locking his keys inside

Firefighters rescued a 26-year-old man from a chimney at his home in the University area of Tucson, Arizona, on Sunday morning.

Tucson Fire Department say the man was stuck in his chimney for four hours after he said he locked his keys in the house and was attempting to get back inside.

A neighbour heard the man yelling for help and called Tucson Fire. Firefighters responded and lowered a rope to the man whose feet were touching the floor of his house.

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However, he was wedged due to the decreased diameter near the fireplace. Crews were able to grab onto the man and carefully remove him. The man did not appear to be injured and was medically evaluated at the scene by paramedics.

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Barbwire said...

I guess people who do this don't use the Internet, or they would know what would happen.