Friday, October 14, 2016

Kayakers rescued drowning sheep from the River Thames

Two kayakers rescued a freezing and near-drowned sheep from the River Thames near Oxford.

The kayakers, from Oxford Kayak Tours, encountered the sheep stuck in the muddy water on Monday and decided to help the animal out. "We came across a drowning sheep.

"It was struggling to keep its head above water and was clearly exhausted," one of the kayakers said. "The water was cold and the sheep was suffering from hypothermia after being in the river for hours.

YouTube link.

"We dragged it onto the bank but it was unable to stand up. There was no farmer or farmhouse in sight and nothing else we could do other than leave it in the sun to dry out and hopefully recover. It had no chance in the river and was close to drowning but at least it had a chance on dry land."

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