Saturday, October 22, 2016

Man caught in police sting had arranged to pay prostitute with cheeseburger and fries

Police in Casper, Wyoming, arrested four women suspected of prostitution and one man suspected of soliciting prostitutes in an undercover operation on Thursday evening.

Police arrested Bailey Bruce, of Evansville; Cassandra Combs, of St. Paul, Minnesota; Canisha Martinez, of Casper; and Alexandra Tyler, who was homeless, on suspicion of prostitution. Officers also arrested 22-year-old David Mangus, of Casper, on suspicion of soliciting prostitution.

Undercover police officers contacted the women through online advertisements and the women agreed to perform sex acts in exchange for payment ranging from $150 to $350, according to arrest affidavits. Police arrested the women when they arrived at the location where they previously agreed to meet.

Mangus responded to an online ad posted by officers and agreed to pay an undercover officer posing as a prostitute a quarter-pound cheeseburger and medium fries from McDonald’s for sex, according to an arrest affidavit. Officers arrested Mangus when he arrived at the predetermined location with the bag of food. “Hookin’ for cheeseburgers isn’t normal,” Detective Dan Dundas said. Mangus was booked into the Natrona County jail and later released.

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Anonymous said...

Er ... how is this different from a dinner date that ends with the parties in bed?

Any good 1-L working in a public defender's office should be able to get this guy off.