Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Man thanks thief who stole his broken car stereo and left cash

A man from Perth, Australia, who had his car broken into last week has said "thank you" to the thief. On Saturday, Tom Drury's uncle notified him the back door of his 1994 Mazda hadn't been locked properly.

Upon investigating, Mr Drury found his car been broken into, and the stereo removed. While many people would be frustrated and upset by a missing sound system, Mr Drury said the news wasn't at all bad.

"The stereo was broken, it didn't pick up radio stations and didn't read any discs, it was just rubbish," he said. "I had tried removing it not long before, but I gave up out of frustration. To get it out, I needed a special tool I didn't have, so when I saw that the stereo was removed, I couldn't help but laugh."

And that wasn't all. Mr Drury then noticed a $10 note and a number of coins had been left on the front drivers seat seat. "When I went to inspect it myself, I discovered $22.10," he said. "If I could say one thing to the thief, it would be 'thank you.' Thank you for paying me for a service I was going to pay someone else to do. And by the way, no refunds!"

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