Monday, October 24, 2016

Man unhappy about neighbour's new fence has launched a Donald Trump protest

An unhappy man has launched a 'Donald Trump protest' against a neighbour who put up a garden fence dividing their two properties. Paul Spooner who lives in Marston, Oxford, said a fence which has gone up in place of a hedge is reminiscent of the campaigning of the US Presidential candidate, who has threatened to construct a wall between the US and Mexico.

Mr Spooner has erected a banner in protest on the first floor of his home, and in full view of his neighbour’s house, with the words 'Say no to Trump fencing here'. He said: “[Donald Trump] is all for exclusion rather than inclusion, that was a big part of his early campaign to exclude people from the country. It is the same sort of mentality here, rather than being the open plan inclusive estate it’s all about exclusion. It is an open plan estate here.

“There hasn’t been any sort of fencing before. The feeling is it creates a precedent for much more fencing to go up. As soon as I realised the fence was up I contacted the city council and they said they would look into it. They then contacted me to say it was a legal fence. We are still trying to dispute that. A number of people in the neighbourhood are opposed to this fence. There is a large number of people that have been here a number of years. It does affect the neighbourhood and the character completely. It is very different to everything that is around the neighbourhood.

“I have had little communication [with the neighbour]. They know there is a problem with it, they know that people disagree with it.” One neighbour, who did not want to be named, questioned the level of support stated by Mr Spooner, and said: "It's a bit over the top. His premise is that it's blocking all the other houses views down the street but they feel that because they have children they have somewhere to play that's safe. I think everybody would complain if they had started building at the front but they haven't; it's at the back." She added that the fence was discrete and away from the main road and she had no problem with it.


Shak said...

I find this complaint rather odd because, from my observation, the English put up fences much more than Americans do. Nobody in our neighborhood ever had a fence, but I have never lived in an area in England that didn't have one. Every single person in our village has separate gardens.

Anonymous said...

what if they didnt want their dog escaping from their yard? calm the farm buddy.

Anonymous said...

The house I live in used to have the crappiest fence ever. You could step over into your neighbours yard and there was no privacy. We all deserve privacy, it's good for us. This old fart is one of those stick his nose into everyone's business. The kind that thinks it's okay to put his head of the hedge just to say hello. Can't stand people like this. If YOU don't like the fence, then move.