Saturday, October 15, 2016

New road markings declare that street is a No Entpy

Freshly painted road markings on a street in Plymouth, Devon, have an obvious misspelling.

Instead of 'No Entry', the small road off of Stonehouse Street between the Lord High Admiral pub and Rocksalt Cafe now says 'No Entpy'.

It also looks as if the N letter in entpy was accidentally painted as an M, the extra line seems to have been scraped off and blacked over in an attempt to cover it. The new road markings were painted on Tuesday.

A Plymouth City Council spokesperson said: "Our Highways contractor Amey have apologised for the mistake made to the No Entry wording on Stonehouse Street. Unfortunately the tail was left off the letter R. Crews will be sent to sort it out.

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Guugle Isinvadingmyprivacy said...

Maybe they were just having issues with tree people urinating on that block, but they didn't have enough space to write out "No Ent Pee."