Sunday, October 02, 2016

Police have given up trying to find who left huge stash of cannabis on opera house roof

A large stash of cannabis was found in Copenhagen, Denmark, earlier this year on the roof of the city's prestigious Opera House.

The 75kg (165lbs) of marijuana was discovered in February by workmen who were on the roof repairing water damage, and police kept it secret in the hope that the owner might return to recover their illicit goods. Authorities have made the discovery of the stash public after seven months of investigations drew a blank, and are now treating the dozens of blocks of drugs as "lost property".

Theatre manager Morten Hesseldahl said that several hundred people visit the Opera House every day, and despite precautions, it would be easy for determined smugglers to gain access. "We have reception and guards. But it's possible, for example, to open a door from the inside, so you can access the House," he said.

It is thought that the marijuana might have belonged to a drug dealer on the nearby "Pusher Street", an open-air cannabis market in the Christiana district which both residents and police are trying to close down. However, it appears the true owner may never be known, with Police Commissioner Steffen Steffensen saying that the case is now officially closed: "As it stands, we're no longer pursuing the case."

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