Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Residents confused by mysterious litter 'shrine'

A mysterious “shrine” of litter in Goodmayes, north east London, has left residents completely baffled about how it came to exist.

It has been speculated that it’s a guerrilla arts installation or post-pub hijinks but nobody is really sure how the rubbish, including cooked chicken, and coffee shop napkins, ended up skewered on railings next to Goodmayes Hospital.

Local resident Lisa M found the display near her home. She said: “I woke up to this, this morning. It obviously took a lot of time and effort but it’s not to our liking.” It has been suggested that the going-ons might be down to youthful hikjinks.

But another resident said he had seen a similar “shrine” just over a month ago, saying: “I saw a similar shrine-looking litter set-up impaled on the Valentines Park railing at seven in morning on my way to the station a month or so ago. Someone has too much time on their hands and it must have been created overnight presumably.”

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Ratz said...

I just assumed it was to discourage dirtbags from dumping their litter in the street.