Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Residents unhappy about house blocking road

Some residents in Travis Heights in South Austin, Texas, are frustrated after a house that was set to be moved on Thursday night is now stuck in the middle of their neighbourhood. The house was being moved to a new destination, but only made it a short distance before getting stuck.

The roads are now barricaded and will stay that way until the moving company, Austin Home Movers can get a temporary road block permit from the City Transportation department. The company plans on getting the permit and having the house moved out of the area by Tuesday evening.

Cheyenne Krause, public information specialist for the Austin Transportation Department, said the city did not put up the barricades, the moving company was required to pay for them and put them up themselves. Krause said the company was cited for blocking the roadway without a permit.

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“We apologise to everyone for the inconvenience,” said Austin Home Movers in a statement. “We are doing everything we can to alleviate the situation.” Ed Sapir says it’s blocking his driveway. He thought it was a fool’s errand in the first place. “Well leave it where it is, fix it up, and make it nice, rather than taking it outside the city,” said Sapir.

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