Thursday, October 20, 2016

Schoolchildren devasted about the theft of their cardboard parking policeman

Schoolchildren have been left devastated after their cardboard policeman, used to warn parents about dangerous parking, was stolen. Earlier this year youngsters at Palterton Primary School in Derbyshire raised money for the cardboard cut-out policeman, or Graham as he is known.

However Graham has been stolen by thieves who illegally entered school property before cutting his ties and making off with him. Headteacher, Ros Horsley, said: “The children chose to fundraise for ‘Graham’ the policeman to encourage families and visitors to park safely at our school. It is really sad that someone has taken him and the children feel that their efforts have gone to waste.”

School business manager, Julie Whittaker, said like many schools they have had a long-standing problem with parking. She said that the school decided to hold a non-uniform day in March and bought Graham with the proceeds in May. Many of the pupils whose idea it was to raise the money were upset about his disappearance. Dylan aged ten, said: “I think it is really bad that the people have done this. However long it takes us we will find out who stole him. Please own up!”

Nyah, nine, added: “I am upset and angry and what the person did was wrong, they shouldn’t have done it.” Phoebe, ten, said: “We raised a lot of money to get our policeman to help stop people parking on the yellow lines outside school. I am disappointed that someone came onto our school property and stole him.” And Ben, nine, added “It is bad that someone has stolen our policeman. We raised a lot of money to get him.” Derbyshire Police have said that anyone who knows what happened or where Graham might be now should contact them.

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