Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Scottish doctor saved one-legged man who was bitten on the bottom by a hippo

A doctor from Fife in Scotland saved the life of a one-legged angler after he was bitten on the backside by a rampaging hippopotamus.

Jenni Galloway, a surgical trainee at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, was volunteering at a hospital in Chitokoloki, Zambia, when the unusual incident unfolded. The man had been fishing when the hippo emerged from the river and attacked him, biting on the rear.

Jenni, 25, said: “When the patient came into the hospital we noticed he only had one leg. Our first thought was that the hippo had bitten that off, too. But he’d had an incredible getaway, getting out of the hippo’s way just in time. The animal caused mainly flesh injuries and which were cleaned out at the hospital.

“Without treatment he could have become seriously infected and died. I have to say, he was very lucky. First, by surviving a land mine and then an attack by a hippo. His injuries are not something you see in Scotland.” Fortunately, the hippo bite ­victim, whose false leg was made of melted plastic bottles, has made a full recovery.

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