Monday, October 10, 2016

Spandex dress-wearing man who saw spiders in restaurant bathroom faces intoxication charge

A man from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, claiming a McDonald's bathroom was infested with spiders was taken to jail early on Friday morning after he was caught "shooting up drugs" in the local restaurant, police said.

Officer Thomas Donnell filed a report claiming that Shawn D. Padilla, 45, was standing in the restaurant just after midnight, "wearing a spandex dress and acting very erratic." Padilla allegedly told Donnell the restroom was crawling with spiders and he had been bitten several times.

Donnell followed Padilla into the restroom; Padilla opened the door to a stall and "told me to look at all of the spiders in there," Donnell reported. But Donnell said there were no arachnids in the bathroom, despite Padilla's claims. When questioned by the officer, Padilla denied taking any form of medication.

He was then handcuffed and taken to the Tahlequah Municipal Jail for a public intoxication charge. Booking records show Padilla was in the Cherokee County Detention Center in August for possession of methamphetamine. He has not been formally charged in thedistrict court.

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