Thursday, October 13, 2016

Teacher accused of distracting cashier while student stole case of beer

A teacher from Reston, Virginia, has been arrested along with a student from her school after they were caught on surveillance camera stealing a case of beer from a gas station, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

Police arrested Fabiana Alicia Ciammaichella, 30, of Reston, who is a Spanish teacher at South Lakes High School, as well as a sophomore from the school, 18-year-old Adelmo Ernesto Arias Guillen, also of Reston. Both face drug, alcohol and larceny charges.

Police say that on Monday at around 11pm, video footage shows Ciammaichella distracting a cashier while Guillen steals a case of beer and then leaves. Ciammaichella followed soon afterwards, picking up Guillen in her car and then driving away, the police report states.

Police later found Ciammaichella at her home along with Guillen, the stolen beer and a "variety of illegal narcotics," the report notes. "Fairfax County Public School officials are aware of this incident and have suspended Ciammaichella," the report adds.

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