Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wallaby rescued and given lift back to shore in jet boat after being chased into water by dog

When a wallaby dashed into the water off South Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, on Friday with a dog in pursuit Jet Boat tour operator Jamie Earley took it upon himself to pull the marsupial out of the water.

After spending 10-years boating on Gold Coast waterways he said he had never seen a wallaby in the water before so thought something was wrong. “I just saw it jump right into the water,” Mr Early said.

“Then I realised there was a dog chasing it. I though I’ve got to do something about this,” he said. The owner of GC Jetboating said the animal was relaxed when he pulled the animal onto his boat at about 3.30pm.

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“It was really relaxed, I put him on the dash of the boat, he was just chilling out,” Mr Early said. “Then we just took him back to shore.” Mr Early said he notified rangers for the area shortly after the incident took place.

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shak said...

Wallabies can swim.