Thursday, October 06, 2016

Woman surprised to see a kangaroo on her driveway

A resident of Delphi, Indiana, was surprised to see a kangaroo on her driveway on Monday night. Donna Cadwallader called dispatch after the visitor hopped outside her home. “[The dispatcher] really wasn’t sure that I was telling the truth or not because you usually don’t get a call like - a kangaroo,” Cadwallader said.

She said it was at around 11:30pm when her dog Trapper started barking at a fluffy shadow outside her home. She then walked out to her driveway to see what all the barking was about. “I was in total shock,” said Cadwallader. “Cause would you think about seeing a kangaroo out here? I mean, that’s rare.”

Cadwallader said that’s when she knew she needed to call for help. Deputy Sheriff Darron Giancola of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office overheard the dispatcher’s conversation with Cadwallader and was out the door in seconds. “‘A what in her yard?'” Giancola said of his reaction to hearing the call. “I was ready to go see this thing.” Giancola said he was excited to meet the unusual guest.

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“I walked right up to him and held out my hand and he came up and kind of hugged onto my arm and chewed on my gloves,” Giancola said. Officers said the kangaroo belonged to a neighbour and was returned home safely. “It was enjoyable to have a call that made me and other officers laugh and dispatchers laugh,” said Giancola. “Something interesting like that for us to see is not something you have every day.” In the state of Indiana, it is legal for people to own exotic animals such as a kangaroo.

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