Monday, October 03, 2016

Women's pothole bathing protest has succeeded in getting them repaired

In a way to draw attention to an unrepaired road in her neighbourhood a Thai model called Palm donned a shower cap and took a 'protest bath' in the potholes that are causing ongoing problems and accidents.

Photos of the event in the Mae Ramat district in Tak province have been widely shared across social media in Thailand and have inspired others to copy her actions to draw attention to the state of their local roads.

A group of grandmothers in Khon Kaen Province, also in north east Thailand, followed suit with a mass bathe-in. They complained that the government hadn't repaired the road for the last 30 years.

But they have now been promised that the road will be repaired after the rainy season. Palm's pothole protest also appears to have made a difference. According to reports the governor of Tak Province ordered the relevant agencies to repair the road without delay. New photos appear to confirm that those repairs are underway.

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