Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Police appeal after bowling green defaced by vandals

Police are appealing for information after a bowling green was vandalised with a 25 foot phallic symbol carved into the turf. It's the second time such damage has been inflicted in a matter of weeks at the Pavillion Bowling Green in Corwen, north Wales. And this time the vandals also carved a game of noughts and crosses into the green.

Adrian Roberts, secretary of Corwen Bowling Club, said: “I was so disappointed when I saw the damage. We have put so much effort into the bowling green, and the autumn remedial work-which includes reseeding and fertilising - cost us almost £1,200. When I saw what had been done I went there and rectified the damage as best I could, and I doesn't look too bad now, but only time will tell.

“It's very difficult to gauge at the moment and we won't know until the spring how it will look. It is upsetting that some people don't seem to realise how much work goes into the bowling green and think it's okay to inflict damage like this. In the summer months, the club offers free coaching to youths, and the door is still open for the people responsible to learn how to play the game rather than mindlessly damaging the facilities.”

A spokesperson for the Dee Valley Policing team said: “Unknown persons have entered the grounds of the Pavillion Bowling Green on Green Lane in Corwen and have drawn offensive pictures into the lawn. The lawn has recently had a lot of money spent on its upkeep. This behaviour is not tolerated. We urge anyone who may of seen or heard anything to please come forward. Any information please contact North Wales Police.”

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