Sunday, November 20, 2016

Police hunt 'feminine' men accused of stealing yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret store

Two men described as “feminine” and wearing fake eyelashes and long red nails are being sought in connection with a yoga pants heist at a Victoria’s Secret store in South Carolina.

Deana Milligan, an employee at the Spartanburg store, told police that she observed two black men enter the business at around 9pm on Wednesday “and hang out near a yoga pants display.”

Milligan said that the duo proceeded to place multiple pairs of yoga pants in shopping bags before fleeing the store without paying for the garments. A Spartanburg Police Department report describes the suspects as wearing “red sweatshirts and red sneakers and had nose rings.”

Milligan described the duo as “feminine and stated they were wearing fake eye lashes and long red nails.” One suspect, Milligan added, had a neck tattoo, while his accomplice wore a black hat atop a Mohawk haircut.


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