Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Unfortunate man bitten by snakes twice in three days

A young man in Queensland, Australia, is either very lucky or extremely unlucky after surviving two painful encounters with snakes in three days.

The 18-year-old contractor was working at a property on Friday about 300km west of Rockhampton when he was bitten on his right leg by an unidentified "brown coloured" snake. An RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter airlifted the man to Mackay Base Hospital in a stable condition.

On Sunday, the man went back to work in the same paddock when he was bitten again by a snake, twice on the left forearm, when he put down his chainsaw. He had been clearing trees and shrubs on the opposite end of the paddock to where he was bitten on Friday.

Another rescue helicopter, with a doctor and care paramedic aboard, airlifted the man to Mackay Base Hospital just before midday. The young man couldn't describe the type of snake to aircrew, only that it was "brown coloured". "This incredibly unlucky fellow wasn't very talkative as he was in great deal pain when we arrived at the hospital on Sunday," an RACQ CQ Rescue crewman said.


Toogie said...

These snake stories from down under keep reminding me why I should never visit Ausiieland. Way too many snakes there for me.

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