Monday, April 21, 2008

The dog now standing under the 6.34pm train is Daisy

A lost dog which was rescued from underneath a train before hitching a ride to Loughborough has been reunited with its owners.

The West Highland terrier called Daisy had escaped from a garden in Long Eaton before making its way to the train station in the town.

Train manager James Harvey managed to coax her out from underneath the 6.34pm Derby-St Pancras train and took her on board for safe keeping.

Once at Loughborough, Daisy was passed to the station team, who gave her a dinner of pork chops before her owners were traced.

Richard Pearson, one of the team at Loughborough, said: "She was a very cute and friendly dog, I'm just glad we were able to track down the owners and that she didn't get hurt.

"She ate a whole tin of dog food that we bought for her and my colleague's dinner of pork chops while she was waiting for her owners, so she didn't seem too distressed by her adventure."

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