Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dentist accused of dropping tools down patient's throat before death

A Central Florida woman is filing a civil lawsuit against a dentist accused of dropping a screwdriver and another medical tool down her father's throat that she claims led to his death.

In October of 2006, Anne Greer took her father, Charles Gaal, 90, to dentist Dr. Wesley Meyers in Winter Park for implants to secure his dentures.

During the procedure, Greer said Meyers dropped a medical screwdriver down her father's throat. She said it took a colonoscopy to have the screwdriver removed from his large intestine.

Then, in May of 2007, despite his daughter's concerns, Gaal returned to Wesley for implants and a different tool was accidentally dropped down Gaal's throat. Meyers dropped a torque wrench down Gaal's throat, Greer said.

The 90-year-old was hospitalized for 50 days and died from complications last June, according to Greer.

Meyers was fined $17,000 and advised not to perform dental implants until he completes more training.

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