Thursday, January 08, 2009

Schoolboy defeats hedgehog ban

A schoolboy in Kansas has emerged victorious in his battle to change the law of his city - so that could have a pet hedgehog.

11-year-old Judson King triumphed after campaigning against local laws that banned the animals from the city of Lawrence.

Inspired by a love of Sonic the Hedgehog, and determined to own a real-life version, King spent three years researching how to change the law before presenting his case to city commissioners.

The commissioners were impressed by his prepared speech, and the dossier he had prepared with information about hedgehogs.

And, despite some initial concerns that hedgehogs - which are not native to North America - might harbour foot-and-mouth disease, the commissioners could find no reason to continue banning hedgehogs from the city limits.

'I think he ought to run for City Commission in April,' said impressed City Commissioner Sue Hack said after King's presentation.

Full story here. There's a news video here.

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